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Start Here. Change begins one at a time—with you.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:55 pm
by admin
This cup takes in well-considered solutions to some of our societal debacles but from a limited list as there's no sense in overwhelming oursleves with an endless list. And if you don't feel comfortable providing a solution or two, then commit to involving yourself at the ratings level. By doing so, preferred solutions will flow to the top. Somehow, we must find a bit o' that unity and I propose this will be easier than we've been led to believe. To my thinking, the handful of topics presented here should find their way to a common-sense concensus easily enough.
If there's one thing I've learned from the many forums I've visted, I'm constantly impressed with how smart we really are! However, by not doing a damn thing seals our progeny's fate and that's about the most stupid choice we could possibly keep entertaining. Putting our best foot forward begins here—one at a time. Engage.

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