STRAIGHT UP — BLACK is that somewhere start...

STRAIGHT UP — BLACK is that somewhere start...

STRAIGHT UP — BLACK is that somewhere start...

Postby admin » Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:31 pm

Think of this cup like a reading club where 12 damn long installments await. Grab a spot of uninterrupted time and a whole lotta focus. Time to pause our hectic life to learn together—
where we've been, where we're at, where we're headed.

May 2015 update.
I've had to revamp the access manner to these installments.
So, just use READING CLUB from the top menu bar to access each installment. Then, add thoughtful dialogue and/or relevant writings to each particular installment in this cup as I believe this will help us elevate our awareness. Once this gets going, I'll start working out some of the kinks here; like the WRITING CONTRIBUTION page for one. I don't yet know why it's not working.

October 2015 update.
I did send Bill Maher a letter last spring, asking him to help shed some light on this project. I never heard back. Then, I took the summer off! Now, it's another damn fall. I am gearing up, and bracing myself, to find light-shedding help. It's a rather humiliating, distasteful process; asking those who are help those of us who are not. Ugh...Wish me luck!
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